Should Pregnant Women Get the COVID Vaccine? Dr. Wachter Explains

Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at UCSF Dr. Bob Wachter joined Ryan Seacrest on-air again to answer more of our COVID vaccine questions, including a major one from pregnant Sisanie.

Sisanie, who has also already consulted with her own doctor, wanted to know his thoughts on if pregnant women can get the vaccine.

"Here's what we know: the vaccine was not tested in pregnant women and that's just the way things go, … but there's no reason to think it would be a problem in pregnant women," Dr. Wachter confirmed. "... They have been taken now by many, many, many pregnant people and there's been no signal that there's a problem there. … And COVID is a problem in pregnancy and there's still a decent amount of COVID around."

"If it were me or my wife or my sister," he concluded. "I would tell them to take it."

So, what about kids? When will they be able to get vaccinated? Find out by watching back Seacrest's full interview in the video above. To learn more about the vaccines and CDC guidelines click here.