Psychic Reads Ryan Seacrest's Cards On-Air: Listen

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Will Ryan Seacrest have kids and get married? That seems to be a daily question from callers and listeners and after Seacrest pondered the question with previous guest Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo, who wasn’t able to answer the question, a psychic called in on-air and read Seacrest’s cards much to his amazement.

“My cards always have a love answer. That’s exactly what I specialize in: love reading,” Justiana Love shared on-air, revealing the first thing that popped up for Seacrest was the “strength card.”

Justiana added that women may be “intimated” by Seacrest but that according to her cards, he’s “somebody that has a huge heart.”

Other cards that appeared indicated passion as well as independence.

So, what about his love life?

“I don’t know if there is somebody from the past that you really cared about,” she continued. “You have a reconciliation card here and it says someone from the past is returning to your life … and that person is a soulmate. … So, if there is that one person that you were not able to let go, maybe not physically — she’s wherever she is and you’re doing your own thing — you’re going to have an opportunity to bring that relationship back into your life.”

But will he have kids and get married?

Listen back to the full reading in the audio above to find out and to find out why the reading left even the psychic with goosebumps!