Jonathan Scott Shares Tips to Create Organized Space at Home

If you’ve been working at home and also quarantined to your house, you may be in dire need of more space and who better to help than HGTV and Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott? The contractor shared tips with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Wednesday, September 9, and what to expect on the new season of Brother vs. Brother with twin Drew Scott.

“We’ve been getting endless messages either that they’re realizing their house doesn’t work for them or they’re realizing their spouse doesn’t work for them,” Jonathan hilariously admitted to Seacrest, joking how quarantine has been stressful on couples.

The brothers have been helping dish out advice for fans via text, and also shared with Seacrest it’s all about multi-purpose furniture when it comes to maximizing your space.

“Multi-purpose furniture is probably the easiest,” Jonathan shared. “Like ottomans that have storage inside of them or a chaise lounge that has storage inside. Nesting tables — it’s a great way,” he added. “You can tuck the tables away and then when you do have more people over you can pull those back out. Even in the bedroom: bed frames that have drawers built in underneath; sometimes people will buy a bed that’s just wasted space underneath.”

Another issue you are also likely facing: a lack of a home office.

“The most important thing we’re seeing is most people are working from home now so they need to have an office and that's why they’re cursing open concept,” he added of the popular home design layout. “Open concept is only supposed to be the main entertaining areas: dining room, kitchen, living room.”

To solve the issue, Jonathan shared they’re installing more Murphy beds for clients, similar to the one fans witnessed in Brad Pitt’s episode of Celebrity IOU

Listen back to the full interview above for more and to find out what winning brother will score this season of Brother vs. Brother on HGTV this season!