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DeVon Franklin & Ryan Seacrest Discuss Importance of Using Your Voice

DeVon Franklin and Ryan Seacrest connected on-air on Friday, June 5, and had a powerful and encouraging discussion on the importance of using your voice in the wake of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others’ deaths whose names we’ll never forget.

DeVon shared with Seacrest that a “full understanding” of his experience as a Black man “is not required to be a part of the solution,” but that using your voice is.

“If we’re being honest, white people, white men in particular, are the group that’s in power that continue to allow racism to persist so where we meet, my white brothers and sisters, are to partner up and to be vocal now,” DeVon stressed, encouraging Seacrest to further use his voice and platforms. “You’re my brother, Ryan, so we’re having an honest conversation: I love how you have used On Air With Ryan Seacrest, that page, your Twitter, to be vocal about these issues, but Ryan Seacrest the individual, on your social media pages, has been silent around this and that silence is the silence that we need to break,” DeVon added. “Because when white men, especially in power, are silent when they have influence, it by definition allows these issues to persist. I can’t tell you what to post, I would just encourage you about saying something from your personal page because you do have a voice and you are influential.”

Seacrest shared on social media that, like many others looking to fix racial injustice and support change, we “don’t always know all the right questions to ask," but that having conversations such as today is "a step in the right direction.”

“I’m thankful to be able to use my television and radio platforms to discuss the issues happening in our country today and I recognize the need to use ALL of my platforms to bring attention to these issues,” Seacrest added. “We need to have more of these conversations, both publicly and privately.”

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