The Jonas Brothers Confirm a New Album Could Drop By End of Year! Watch

The Jonas Brothers have blessed us with new music during COVID-19 quarantine and shared with Ryan Seacrest via Zoom on-air on Friday, May 15, their forthcoming sixth studio album might drop sooner than they thought. Plus, Joe Jonas shared why wife Sophie Turner had to buzz his hair and Kevin Jonas gave us an update on managing homeschooling!

The JoBros dropped two major songs, "X" featuring Karol G, and "5 More Minutes," which they debuted during their 2020 Grammys performance, on Friday. The songs were released as a bundle dubbed "XV."

“5 More Minutes' was a song we wrote almost a year and a half ago,” Nick shared with Seacrest via Zoom. “Before the tour started, we went on a writing retreat with some of our song writing friends and it was part-play and part-work and from that there was a bunch of songs we came out with that we loved that really set the template for what the next record was gong to be so as a way to tease that, when we were putting the Grammy performance together, we said ‘Why not play an unreleased track and kind of do it as a little Easter egg?’” Nick added. “It just felt like the right moment to give everyone at home something to listen to and … we figured why not put that one out as well as ‘X.’”

“X” features Latin pop star Karol G and is a flirtatious track to get us through quarantine. “She’s incredible,” Nick shared of Karol G. “It’s got a fun bilingual twist to it and really just feels like a nice sort of song to dance to.”

Nick added the foursome were planning on releasing a new music video with the track but had to switch gears amid the global pandemic and social distancing guidelines.

“Recently our music video for ‘X,’ the original concept, was a room full of people, very sweaty, everyone’s making out and then we figured it’s probably not the most appropriate or the right thing to be putting out right now,” he explained, adding however they “were able to come up with something very fun and unique” instead.

And considering quarantine and the current climate, will their next album be impacted? Thankfully for fans, they shared, no.

“We went on this retreat; we continued to write after and we recorded most of everything we’d been writing throughout the entire tour,” Kevin shared, adding they’ve been working with the likes of Ryan Tedder again.

So when will we get the next album?

“I think that like everyone right now we’re just kind of waiting to see what happens over the next couple weeks, months, and we want to be thoughtful when we release things and what the right timing is so we’ll figure it out,” Nick concluded. “Luckily the record is pretty much done. Whatever fixings and changes and sort of finishing things we need to do, we can do from home. So my hope is that definitely before the end of the year the full album is out, but if it’s not right the timing, then no pressure, and we’re just going to keep releasing songs when it feels right and when the moment strikes.”

We. Can't. Wait.

Watch back the full interview in the video above to find out how Kevin’s doing homeschooling the kids in New Jersey and why Sophie Turner had to buzz Joe’s head! Stream “X” and “5 More Minutes” out now.