Have You Ever Slid Into a Celeb’s DMs? It Worked for Dua Lipa

Have you ever slid into a celebrity’s DMs? Tanya Rad has! Tanya shared with Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie on-air on Wednesday, May 13, that Dua Lipa and boyfriend Anwar Hadid started dating after Dua slid into his DMs.

The confession came while Dua and actress Lena Dunham were on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and were asked “have you ever slid into another celebs’ DMs for some light flirting?”

Lena confessed to DMing one of the Skarsgard brothers and then Dua admitted that’s how she met Anwar!

Do you remember when Tanya slid into Zachary Levi’s? Relive the moment here and watch back the on-air moment above. 

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