Tanya Rad Accidentally DM’d Zachary Levi: Find Out How She Recovered

Screaming 🙈 Tanya Rad accidentally DM’d crush Zachary Levi over the weekend. Tanya shared on-air on Monday, April 8, that she thought she was responding to a producer and friend on the morning show when she accidentally replied to Zachary himself …

And of course the message had to do with Zachary being her “husband” 🙈🙈🙈

It all happened after Sam, a producer on the show, sent Tanya Zachary’s Instagram Story in which he was singing Frank Sinatra’s “Love.” 

Tanya replied “OMG is he my husband?” 

She then went about her night and didn’t realize until later that she had replied directly to Zachary’s story instead of to Sam!

Thankfully, he hadn’t read it yet so Tanya unsent the message — or at least she thinks she unsent it …

Listen back to the LOL on-air moment above and click here for Tanya and Zachary’s original meet-cute.