Is There a Right Way to Manifest? Plus, Tanya Rad Reveals Her Latest Crush


Is there a new romance being manifested?! While talking about celebrities manifesting their dreams, Tanya Rad and Ryan Seacrest got to talking about how often Tanya manifests her’s. Can you confuse the universe by manifesting too many things?

“You have a very frequent put-it-out-there rate so I think the universe is kind of turning the other cheek sometimes,” Ryan told Tanya after she admitted she put out there that actor Zachary Levi could be her husband. “Zachary Levi will come in, but he’s not going to marry you — the universe can only take it so far.”

Tanya joked that's probably true, given she even manifests the perfect apples at the farmer’s market, which led Sisanie to challenge her to take a week off manifesting to give the universe a break.


“I think it’s more quality than quantity,” Ryan added. “… The universe has a lot of people to listen to.”

That said, Zachary IS coming in the studio this week so only time will tell!


How do you manifest things? Sound off in the comments below and listen back to the full on-air moment in the video and audio above! 

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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