Tanya Rad Shares the Big Step She Recently Took With Her Boyfriend! Watch

We'll forever remember May 12, 2020. Tanya Rad shared with Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie on-air on Tuesday, May 12, she gave her boyfriend, whom Seacrest has nicknamed "Socrates," a drawer!

"I did a giant spring clean … so I cleaned this top drawer on the side of the bed he sleeps in," she shared. "Completely emptied it out and then I created space in my closet."

Tanya added it's not too much space but still a welcoming big step in the relationship.

"I leaned over last night and said 'I emptied out that top drawer if you want to leave some things you're more than welcome,'" she added.

TBD what "Socrates" will leave, but let's be honest, Seacrest will soon find out 😂

Watch back the on-air moment above to find out what step Seacrest thinks the couple should take next. Sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan