YouTuber Who Exchanged Lettuce With Chrissy Teigen Details the Exchange

YouTuber Chris Klemens shared with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Thursday, March 26, the other goodies he scored in his lettuce/banana bread exchange with Chrissy Teigen.

In case you missed it, Teigen solicited for romaine lettuce on Twitter in exchange for her homemade banana bread and Chris responded with “I have three. Studio City.” The duo then met up and exchanged goods in what's now become a viral story. 

But Teigen and husband John Legend gave Chris more than just banana bread!

“It happened in a church parking lot,” Chris shared with Seacrest, adding that the famous couple’s daughter’s toy car was used to move the goods while staying a safe 6-feet apart amid Coronavirus social distancing guidelines.

“It wasn’t that simple,” Chris joked. “Her and John showed up and they brought one of their kids’ cars and that was the vehicle for the exchange.”

Chris added that he also scored wine, vegan fried chicken, guacamole, and pie.

“I was like, ‘Should we make you a banana bread? This doesn’t seem fair!’”

Listen back for the full story and more details in the audio above. What would you trade for? Sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan

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