Sisanie’s Husband Offers His Side in Baby’s First Haircut Debate: Listen


As Sisanie’s husband Michael put it: Debating is healthy! Ryan Seacrest got Michael on the phone on Thursday, May 16, after Sisanie brought up they’re arguing over whether to cut their son Maxon’s hair or not. 

Sisanie and Michael’s twins, Maxon and Aiza, turned one earlier this month.

“Here’s my argument,” Michael shared on-air. “My thing is he’s still growing — his head is growing faster than his hair and the part where you want to trim is getting little waves and curls … You’re trying to fill the void that Aiza doesn’t have long hair and you can’t do little bows and you’re just looking at Maxon with laser focus and you’re like ‘I’ve gotta do something.’”

While Sisanie admitted that might be a little bit true, Michael is also holding onto his own childhood and long hair days! 

“That may be true,” he admitted. “They were fun … [but] he’s young! Let him live a little bit before he has to conform.”


Sisanie met Michael in the middle and assured him they won’t be cutting off all of Maxon’s hair or his cute new curls — just a light trim.

So did we win the debate?! Listen back to the audio above to find out and for Michael’s opinion on Ryan’s Bachelorette limo/first impression idea 

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