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Dating Expert Reveals How to Handle Going Through a Breakup Around V-Day

Love it or loathe it, today is Valentine’s Day. In the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie in the video above, dating expert Marni Battista shares how to handle going through a breakup around Valentine’s Day — or any day for that matter. 

Sisanie’s friend and OAWRS producer Erica Sullivan revealed to Marni that she’s going through a relatively recent split and doesn’t know the best way to cope with it, especially given the day that is today. 

So what does Marni suggest one do if they’re dealing with a breakup?

“You need to have a fall-in-love-with-yourself night,” Marni shares in the video above. “What I mean by that is create some sot of space where you disconnect from that identity that you had, not only from that relationship, but there’s also this identity that we get as like the victim or the person who got broken up with … I don’t want you to stay in that identity because the best way to get on with it, is to be in it.”

Marni explains that you should allow yourself the time to heal and soak it all in — and to applaud yourself.

“Give yourself this one day to honor the breakup; to grieve it, and write a letter to yourself applauding what you did in this relationship,” Marni concludes. “What you leaned from this relationship and how you’re going to show up for the next relationship — that this was a gift.” 

Watch back the full episode above for more breakup advice from Marni and click here to catch her podcast and free training guide, 5 Steps to Attract a Quality Man Without Playing the Dating Game.