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Dating Expert Shares How to Get Exactly What You Want for Valentine's Day

OK, pull up a chair because dating expert Marni Battista is dishing all the relationship tips and tricks! In the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie in the video above, Marni shares with Sis exactly what you need to do to get what you want on Valentine’s Day — or any day for that matter.

According to Marni, who is behind the website Dating With Dignity and podcast the Dating Den, you need to be specific: It’s OK to say what you want!

As Marni explains in the video above, men know that you want a perfect, romantic, Instagram-enviable evening, but they need some guidance getting there ...

“No. 1 is have compassion for your man," Marni explains. "He wants a manual on how to make you happy so the most important thing you can do is communicate what would make you happy. … The [No. 1] thing is, you want to [let him] know what it is that makes you feel happy and loved on Valentine's Day because that's really all that matters, and then No. 2 is, you articulate it so that the man doesn’t have to play a damn guessing game because that's hell for him and you.”

We had the same reaction: We don't want to flat out say what we want! We want to be surprised and swept off our feet!

So, how do you tell your partner what you want without directing your own rom-com?

Watch back the full video above to find out how you CAN! say what you want without feeling like you're planning your own romance.

And click here as well for Marni's free training guide, 5 Steps to Attract a Quality Man Without Playing the Dating Game.

Happy Valentine's Day (and good luck!)