Ryan Jokingly Calls Out Goff’s Roomie for Calling In Sick Ahead of Big Game

We have Patrick — again! Our fave colleague and Rams QB Jared Goff ’s roomie Patrick has landed in Atlanta, Georgia, ahead of the big game on Sunday and Ryan jokingly called him out for playing sick ahead of the Super Bowl.

As Ryan revealed on-air, Patrick left a note on his desk revealing he was out of the office because he was sick, when, in reality, he was really just traveling to Atlanta for the Super Bowl. 

“I’m good — I had a head cold yesterday so I wanted to rest up to be good to go for the weekend,” Patrick told Ryan once we got him on the phone, promising he didn’t get Goff sick ahead of the most important game of his life. 

“He was gone,” Patrick assured Ryan. “So I had the house to myself.”

So what does landing in Atlanta for the Super Bowl to watch your best friend play entail? 

“Right now, we’re just going to our Airbnb, getting ready,” Patrick said of touching down in ATL. “Getting our mind right for the game.” ("Our" 😂)


The plan for the gang is to “meet at a bar to have a few drinks” before the game on Sunday, he added.  


Listen back to the LOL audio above and sound off on social, who are you rooting for this weekend? 

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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