LOL! Watch Matt “Money” Smith Interrogate Jared Goff's Roomie Patrick


We have Patrick! — Again! Ryan Seacrest located our favorite iHeartMedia colleague, Rams’ QB Jared Goff’s roomie Patrick, for an NFL update on Friday, January 11. Instead of interrogating Patrick about Tanya Rad’s potential romance with Goff, we let radio personality and NFL play-by-play announcer Matt “Money” Smith get some intel from Patrick. 

The Los Angeles Chargers are facing off against the New England Patriots this weekend, while the Los Angeles Rams are set to play the Dallas Cowboys on January 12, each team vying for a chance in the playoffs. 

So what did Smith want to know from Goff’s bestie? Just about everything. 

“I kind of want to know as someone who lives with him how has he been behaving? Does it look like the playoff pressure is getting to him? … Last year they should have won that playoff game and that means this year, having won another 13 games, a lot of pressure is going to be on that guy to win this game because you know the Cowboys are going to try to take Todd Gurley away so it's probably going to be on him to either get this win or unfortunately drop this contest.”

Patrick assured Smith that Goff's head is in the game.

"He’s learned from the games last year and it's been a long season this year so I think they’ve put in the work and they’ll be ready to go … He’s always calm no matter what … He’s at the facility most of the day … He’s there early in the morning and comes home really late," Patrick added.

"That’s a good nugget there because I'd hate to hear Patrick say 'I come home from work and he’s just sitting on the couch going through all my SAG screeners...'"

Watch back the LOL on-air moment in the video above! Which team are you rooting for this weekend?

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