Sisanie Breaks Down J.Lo’s 10-Day Challenge: Is It Good For You?

If you’ve been on the internet or social media recently you may have heard about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez ’s now-viral “10-day challenge.” The lovebirds set out to eliminate carbs and sugars for 10 days and have successfully finished the challenge, posting ab selfies and making us consider banning the foods as well, but is it good for you?

As Sisanie shared on-air, according to a nutritionist, it might not be the best idea.

"The 10-day challenge echoes common problematic assumptions about food — namely, that all carbs are unhealthy and should be avoided," Joyce Faraj, PhD, RDN, CDN, and a nutritionist told Bustle. "This new trend encourages people to categorize foods as 'good' and 'bad,' when the truth is much more complex."

Apparently, when people drastically cut out carbs, they may experience all kinds of unpleasant side effects, “like irritability, shakiness, heart palpitations, cold sweats, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, or impulsive decision-making.” Also, when you don’t eat enough sugar, The Diabetes Council explains that you can experience severe headaches, shivering, constipation, brain fog, fatigue, heart palpitations, or leg cramps.

"It is important to first note that there are different types of 'carb'”- many of which are complex and nutrient dense, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and even dairy," Faraj told the site. "Avoiding simple carbohydrates such as cookies and cake can help stabilize blood sugar," aka, help you avoid a "sugar crash." However, "Those who avoid consuming complex carbohydrates for a sustained period of time may feel more tired or irritable," Faraj concluded, "because complex carbs like whole grains and fruit provide energy."

That said, while we're no doctors, A-Rod and J.Lo are looking fierce. 

"It's day 10, we did it, we're here," J.Lo said in her latest Instagram Story about finishing the challenge. "We still have the rest of the day, but I'm feeling pretty good that we can finish." 

J.Lo did admit that it wasn’t easy. 

"Alex and I have struggled through," she said. "Anybody who stuck with us through the whole 10-day challenge, congratulations."

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