Sisanie’s 8-Month-Old Daughter Is Already Talking! Well, Kind Of!


Cue the awwws! Sisanie’s twins Aiza and Maxon are 8 months old and growing up right before our eyes! In the latest New Mom Monday update, Sis shares that Aiza is starting to talk and Maxon got his first tooth! 

“This week they learned to deal with their first cold,” Sisanie shares in the update. “Aiza got it the worst, but it was a domino effect in our house after that. We’re in the tail end of it but it still sucks.”

One thing that Sis found works well with babies and colds is the Fridababy NoseFrida.

“The NoseFrida really works!” Sis shares. “It sucks all the boogers out of their nose.”

That said, dealing with sick babies is no fun. 

“Seeing your babies sick is the saddest thing ever!” Sis adds. “I feel so helpless and I just want to make them fee better so its frustrating.”

Check out the New Mom Monday update above for more, including which words Aiza has started saying! 

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