Ryan Weighs In on Sisanie's “Papa” Vs “Daddy” Debate With Husband Micheal


Too cute. Sisanie’s husband Michael is debating on what his “dad name” will be. It all started, Sisanie revealed on-air on Monday, December 10, after she started wrapping presents for Christmas. 

“Last night I was wrapping presents and it was such a crazy moment because I literally wrote ‘To Daddy, Love Aiza. To Daddy, Love Maxon,’ so they’re gifts that they’re giving them and he saw the gifts and he’s like ‘Daddy? Ugh, I really wanna be called Papa.’”

Sisanie explained that he might not be able to be Papa though because his father, Aiza and Maxon’s grandpa, will be. 

“He ran that by his dad a few weeks ago and he was like ‘Dad what are you going to have them call you?’ And [his dad] said ‘Papa’ and he’s like ‘I guess that’s right.’ So he can’t be called papa now.”

Ryan added that he called his dad “dad” and that now he calls Gary “father.”

Watch back the on-air moment in the video above! What do you call your dad? Sound off on social at @OnAirWithRyan

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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