Ryan Seacrest Bonds With Sisanie’s Twins Maxon and Aiza: Pics

Best way to kick off a Monday? Bring two adorable 7-month-old twins to work! Sisanie’s husband Michael stopped by the studio on Monday, December 3, and brought twins Aiza and Maxon with him to bond with Ryan Seacrest aka Uncle Tio. 

Maxon and Aiza are 7 months old and teething so Maxon immediately grabbed for the microphone to chomp on. Adorable Aiza, who Sisanie describes as more “cautious,” sat back with one of her “chupones.”

Ryan, who will become a real Uncle any day now as his sister Meredith is pregnant, got practice by holding Maxon and Aiza.


The twins are also starting to crawl. In the latest New Mom Monday update, Sis shared that she thinks they’ll be crawling any day now and they’re enjoying trying out different flavors when it comes to solid foods for the first time. 


While Aiza is more “cautious” than Maxon, she doesn’t hold back. Sis previously shared that Aiza is already stealing Maxon’s toys. Click here to find out the new mom tip that Sis shared when it comes to toy stealing. 


Click through all the adorable photos in Ryan's post above! 

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Ryan Seacrest

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