Ryan and Sisanie Place Bets on When Meredith’s Baby Will Arrive

Any day now! Ryan Seacrest’s sister Meredith Seacrest is pregnant with a baby girl and due to give birth on December 9. After Ryan perfectly predicted not only Sisanie’s twins’ arrival date, but also the time, Tanya Rad, Sis and Patty wanted to bet again, this time on Meredith’s due date.  

“Our homework from our appointment yesterday is to have a bag packed,” Meredith told Ryan and the girls on-air.  “… It’s so crazy.”

Her due date is anticipated to be December 9, but since you never really know, Patty opted for 11/22, Tanya 12/2, Ryan 12/8 and Sisanie 12/13.

“I’m thinking the first week of December,” Meredith also weighed in, joking that she would tell her baby-to-be to wait to be born until after the 2018 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour Presented by Capital One show in Los Angeles on Friday, November 30.

Ryan also shared with Mere the list of names that are trending to be popular in 2019. 

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