Tyra Banks Dishes on "Life-Size 2" 18 Years Later and More!


Hold the phone! Tyra Banks stopped by the studio on Tuesday, November 27, and took a trip down memory lane, revealing that Ryan Seacrest once “defriended” her. The hilarious story came after Tyra detailed the highly-anticipated return of Disney cult fave Life-Size. 

Life-Size, which premiered 18 years ago, stars Tyra and Lindsay Lohan and revolves around Lohan accidentally bringing a doll (Tyra) to life. In Life-Size 2, Tyra teased, the film picks up where they left off, but 18 years later. 

“This is definitely the next one. It is a sequel, but there are some surprises,” Tyra dished to Ryan on-air. “For one, the first Life-Size was for little kids … [this is] 18 years later and now it’s more adult, so Eve is experiencing more adult things like love and the person she comes alive for is Francia Raisa and she plays a 25-year-old girl so you can imagine it’s more adult themes.”

Tyra confirmed that while Life-Size 2 will premiere on Freeform, a young adult network, kids can also watch the movie.

“It’s like a Pixar movie,” she explained. “It’s like, ‘What? They said that?’ … so it’s like that where it’s going to go over kids’ heads, but adults will get it.”

Life-Size 2 aside, we have to talk about the time Ryan “defriended” Tyra 😂😂😂

“I wanted to tell you something,” Tyra told Ryan. “It was like 15 years ago or 10 years ago or 8 … I don’t even know … and you had some type of show on television — it was a very popular show on television — and you interviewed me and we walked through Westwood and we went to this Malaysian BBQ place … and so we really hit it off well — we weren’t trying to date or anything —but, like a friend thing,” she continued.  “So we started talking on the phone and we would text and he would tell me about his love life and I’d tell him about a boyfriend and then one day he’s like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so busy, I don’t think I have time to be your friend.’”

The LOL story caught Ryan off guard because he couldn’t remember the convo.

“Did I say that?” Ryan asked. “I don’t remember saying that! … Maybe it was guilt because you are Tyra Banks … can you imagine, it was probably my Blackberry at the time, seeing an incoming from Tyra Banks? If I had a new girlfriend — how do you explain that?”

“He totally defriended me!” Tyra continued. “But he didn’t do it by text, he did it verbally. He’s like, ‘I’m having so much fun, I just don’t think I have time’ — I’ve never had a friend say that! I’ve been meaning to tell you that for like 10 years.”

The hilarious story came in fun and Ryan joked that had he not defriended Tyra, he could have been in Life-Size 3 😂

Watch back the full interview above for more, including Tyra rap on new track “Be a Star 2,” to hear what her 3-year-old son, York, is currently obsessed with and for how they celebrated the holidays!

Life-Size 2 premieres on Freeform Sunday, December 2 

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