Ryan’s Sister Meredith Gives Tanya Rad Hope on Finding the One


Happy Birthday, Meredith! It’s Ryan’s sister Meredith Seacrest’s birthday and the best gift of her life is due next month — a baby girl! We called Meredith on-air on Thursday, October 25, and Tanya Rad connected with her on wanting to follow in her footsteps. 

“I’m very pregnant,” Meredith shared on how she’s feeling. “I’m in the final countdown. I’ve got a little over a month to go so I am preggers. … I am now 38, can you believe that?”

The topic of age came up when Tanya, 31, offered insight on a trending report that has to do with prominent women such as Meghan Markle and Amy Schumer having children later in their thirties. 

“You got pregnant at 37 which proves my fan theory,” Tanya shared. “You are basically like Meghan Markle and Amy Schumer … my theory is that there’s something in the air, but people are having their first babies at 37 — 37 is the new age to have your first baby!”

Ryan then pointed out that this is significant for Tanya because it could be her life plan too.

“I feel like I kind of look to your life,” Tanya confirmed to Meredith. “I almost feel like I’ve learned from you so much so it kind of makes sense if I follow in your footsteps.”


Meredith adorably added that she’s “here for inspiration” and understands what it feels like to think you’re never going to find the one, get married or have babies. 

“I’m here for inspiration … I actually met Jimmy when I was 25, but I didn’t reconnect with him in a relationship until I was 33,” she added. “… So this is good, you’re almost there if you’re following in my footsteps.” 

We also need to now find a list of all the men Tanya met at age 25 ... 

Watch back the sweet on-air moment above for more and to find out if Meredith has picked out a baby name!

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