Ryan Seacrest Announces His Sister Meredith Is Pregnant!

Ryan Seacrest is going to be an Uncle Tio again! During Thursday’s June 7 Live With Kelly and Ryan broadcast, Ryan revealed he’s been keeping a huge secret for months — his sister Meredith Seacrest Leach is pregnant! 

“Before we do anything else, I’ve kept a secret and I’m nervous,” Ryan told cohost Kelly Ripa. “Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret?”

Ryan continued that he comes from a small family and that “everything that happens in our family is a huge deal” and that a few months ago he got a call from his sister.  

“My sister called me and said ‘Can you sit down?’ and I said ‘Yes, is everything OK?’” he continued, before making the big announcement. “And she said ‘I’m pregnant!’”

Kelly and Ryan both rose out of their seats with excitement before FaceTiming Meredith.

“She called me and she told me this but you know you have to wait to tell people,” Ryan added. “Every time we talked about a baby I was like ‘Don’t say it! Don’t say it.'"

Now that the cat is out of the bag and Ryan can openly discuss the exciting news, he has a big duty on his hands — planning the gender reveal party!

Meredith married her husband, Jimmy Leach, in November 2016 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where Ryan served as her man of honor. 

Congrats, Mer!