Ryan, Kelly Ripa Surprise “LWKR” Trivia Contestant Who Missed Question


Rules, smchules! Ryan Seacrest took it into his own hands again after a trivia contestant on Live With Kelly and Ryan failed to win the big giveaway. 

Nancy from Orlando, Florida, was selected to play Live With Kelly and Ryan’s FANtastic Travel Trivia when the show got preempted in her city, meaning she didn’t catch a portion of guest Rachel Bloom’s interview and thus couldn’t answer the trivia question.

“We had this woman Nancy who was asked this trivia question but she couldn’t answer because the show was preempted we think due to weather during the show,” Ryan explained on-air. “So we said to [producer Michael] Gelman, ‘Let’s let her play again’ or ‘Let’s do something for her.”

Gelman, who stopped by the studio, explained on-air that he can’t bend the rules because of legality reasons.  

“The lawyers don’t let us do that,” he explained. “We’ve been through it for many, many years. There’s certain rules and one of them is we can’t know who sees the show and who doesn’t see the show. Often times there could be a traffic report, a call-in, we have no idea — we have over 200 markets, everyone does their own thing so I must keep the rules the rules as much as I hate it.”

Gelman added that, by the way, “90 percent of our people win those trips and those trips are like 10,000 a piece” and they of course love giving them away.

So we got Nancy on the phone! 

“I was just disappointed. I take such meticulous notes and if a school bus didn’t go into some woman’s pool I would have gotten it,” she said. “They got them all out, thank god, but they preempted it for like five minutes so I missed whatever Rachel Bloom, most of the stuff, she said.”

Ryan then chimed in and joked that here at On Air With Ryan Seacrest, we don’t follow the rules, and offered her a choice of tickets to see Bob Dylan, TOTO, Brett Michaels, Rick Springfield, Hoobastank, Elton John, or Barry Manilow in concert!

“Barry Manilow,” Nancy chose. “…I’ve never seen him and before I die I’d love to see him.” 

Watch back the on-air moment above to see what else Ryan and Kelly Ripa offered to Nancy! 

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