Kelly Ripa Gives Ryan's Co-Host Sisanie Mom Advice!

Summer is (un)officially over! Kelly Ripa stopped by the studio today to celebrate her return to LIVE With Kelly and Ryan following summer vacay and recalled to Sisanie what it’s like being a mom of three. 

The actress-turned-TV host, who raised kids Michael, Lola, and Joaquin while starring on All My Children and Hope & Faith, spent her past couple of weeks off by touring colleges with Lola. 

“Listen, I’m here to tell you that is true,” Kelly said of kids growing up fast. “My daughter is a senior in high school and my newborn baby is a sophomore in high school.”

While spending quality time with Lola was of course a blast, Kelly joked that her daughter has zero interest in her opinion when it comes to picking her dream school. 

“If I show any enthusiasm at all for the school, immediately it becomes a non-starter for my daughter,” Kelly said. “She doesn’t want me to like anything she choses because then there’s this fear that I will somehow, I don’t know, come visit her or buy a house next door or apply also or take classes.”

Kelly added that reverse psychology doesn’t work either, telling Sisanie, who is mom to 4-month-old twins Aiza and Maxon, that once they get to middle school they learn that parenting trick. 

“I basically just took my kids to work with me everyday, that’s how I did it,” she recalled of raising her now adult children. “At the sitcom, we had a nursery there so that's how I did it.”

Listen back to the audio above to hear more, including how Lola confided in "Uncle" Ryan Seacrest that she wants to get a tattoo! 

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