Exclusive! Grammy Winner Emily Warren Dishes on Her Debut Album, Performs


Grammy-winning songwriter and singer Emily Warren is finally ready to debut her own album. The songwriter, who is behind hit tracks including Dua Lipa’s “Rules,” the Chainsmokers' “Side Effects,” Frienship’s “Capsize,” Shawn Mendes’ “Strings,” and hundreds more, sat down exclusively with On Air With Ryan Seacrest to dish on her debut album, Quiet Your Mind. 

Warren, whose also worked with the likes of LANY, Little Mix, David Guetta, Bebe Rexha and Alessia Cara, shared with Tanya Rad that it was time to put out her own music due to a few things. 

“‘Capsize’ was actually the first segue because they decided to leave my voice on it and before that I had always had this idea in my head that to be an artist it had to be this whole crafted project and your whole focus, but when people started to react to that I was like ‘Wait, maybe I have to put more music out,” she shared, adding that her entire album comes from personal experiences. 

“There were two songs in that whole pile of songs that [I’d written for other artists] that were so personal that any time someone was interested in cutting them I was like ‘Ahh! I just don’t know if I want someone else to sing that,’” she added, revealing the tracks, “Just Click” and “Not Ready to Dance,” are finally on her own album. “The fact that this moment is now happening and they’re finally coming out is so exciting.”


Warren is also known for a solid breakup ballad and considering she went through a breakup herself while recording the album, fans are in for a treat. 

“Thats alway’s challenging,” she shared of oversharing when it comes to relationships and breakups. “I think I’ve been lucky to have been with someone who was down and liked it sort of, but even when I’m working with artists they’re always super hesitant … because it’s like your diary being read out loud … I can’t stop doing it and I won’t, [so] we’ll see if we die alone,” she joked.

While each track is super personal to the Grammy winner, “Not Ready to Dance” is Warren’s favorite song to date.

“They’re all very personal … [but my favorite is] ‘Not Ready to Dance.’ I think it’s my favorite song I’ve ever written … there’s no production on it. It’s the only one that is acoustic on the album. It’s the closer. No 11. I think I love how we were able to — I’m really influenced by Zelda Fitzgerald and early American Songbook — and I think it comes through on this song … it’s a real storytelling song.” 

Warren told Tanya that she won’t have to worry about a specific ex knowing it's about him though, considering she’s been hanging onto the song for four years now.


The “Hurt By You” singer added that she named her debut album Quiet Your Mind as a reminder to herself. 

“I get really in my head about everything that in a way is sometimes detrimental because I think my thoughts sometimes make decisions for me,” she explained. “So Quiet Your Mind felt really right because I think with everything it’s kind of a reminder to let things happen and not just think about them so much.” 


Watch back the full interview and Q+A in the videos above and to catch an epic performance by Warren of both a medley of her hits and “Hurt By You.” Download or stream her debut album, Quiet Your Mind, on Friday, October 5!

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