Sisanie Shares Most TMI New Mom Update Yet (Yep, It Involves Poop 🙈)

Eeek! Sisanie updated Ryan Seacrest and Tanya Rad on her life as mom to twins Maxon and Aiza and let’s just say she’s definitely getting her hands dirty 🙈

“Yesterday I was having my lunch and all of a sudden I look at my finger and I have poop under my nail,” the first-time mom candidly admitted on-air in part of our new weekly segment “New Mom Monday.” “You would be surprised by how many times it happens.”

While us non-parents attempted to collect ourselves -- Patty Rodriguez confirmed this does indeed happen all too often -- Sisanie added that diapers aside, the babies are also hitting a bevy of other milestones at nearly 5 months. 


“The teething process is starting now … so a lot of drool and they [learned to blow bubbles],” Sis added, revealing she also learned a new mom tip: Don’t put your babies to sleep already asleep!

Sisanie explained that a fellow mom and pediatrician shared with her that it is best to put your baby to sleep while they’re drowsy but awake so that they learn to “self-soothe.”

“That means that when they wake up in the middle of the night they don’t you to coddle them,” Sis explained.

Listen back for more in the audio above and stay tuned for next week’s New Mom Monday update and keep up with us on social @OnAirWithRyan to share your own mommy tricks and tips!

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