Big Boy Hilariously Teaches Us How to Use Ryan’s Name to Get Into Places

In the words of Big Boy, “Each one, teach one!” The Big Boy's Neighborhood host walked down the hallway to chat with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Friday, August 9, about his latest comedy show and taught us a serious trick: How to hack your own phone to use Ryan Seacrest’s name to get into places around Los Angeles 😂

It all started after Ryan and Big Boy were discussing Kobe Bryant’s rumored return to the Los Angeles Lakers.  

“Your phone call weighs a lot more than mine,” Big Boy told Ryan. “You know how many tickets I’ve gotten in your name? Like, ‘Ryan didn’t leave those here for me?’ Every time I’m out, I’m massaging you, Ryan, I’m like ‘Hey what’s going on! Seacrest!’” 

And he wasn’t kidding. Big Boy then taught Tanya Rad and the rest of us how to jokingly use Seacrest’s name. 


“You’ve got to know how to use it,” he told Tanya. “There’s a certain way to do your phone as well,” he explained. “Do you know how to change your contact in your phone? Text to yourself? So what you do is go in and, say, for instance, you have a contact, you go in and change your contact to ‘Ryan Seacrest’ so when your friend hits you, it’ll be like, ‘Hey Ryan I’m outside’ And on the screen it’ll say ‘Ryan Seacrest’ and then you’ll [be like] ‘OK, well, just show him this. I can't come out right now but show him this.’ Each one, teach one! Each one, teach one!”

Listen back to the hilarious hack in the video above and for all the info on Big Boy’s Comedy Showcase, click here!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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