Sisanie’s Mom Wants Tanya to Date Sisanie’s Brother

Over the weekend Sisanie and her husband, Michael, ventured out of the house for their first vacation with 11-week-old twins Aiza and Maxon. The family of four enjoyed a staycation in Malibu and invited Sisanie’s parents, brother Rony and Tanya Rad

During their beach day, Tanya and Sisanie’s mom, Rosie, bonded and Rosie revealed she wants Tanya to date her son, Rony. Naturally, we had to get Rosie on the phone to get all the deets and an update on the babies.

“It was an aggressive pitch,” Tanya joked. “She was saying she’d babysit our kids.”

“I think I had a couple of chivas on the rocks,” Rosie joked when we got her on the phone. “It would be great anyway.”

Matchmaking aside, Rosie added that the twins are doing great. Sisanie also updated us via her Instagram Stories, answering questions from followers using Instagram’s new feature. 

“Babies are napping … ask me anything!” Sisanie shared on Insta, revealing to followers that her No. 1 baby item is the “baby shusher,” that Maxon naps longer than Aiza, and that no, she’s not ready to expand her family just yet!

“Talk to me in 3 years…” she replied when asked if she wants more kids. 

Listen back to Rosie’s audio above. 

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