Kevin Hart Details His B-Day Festivities, Talks New Show “Total Knock Out"

It’s time to check in with Kevin Hart! The comedian and multi-hyphenate phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday, July 10, and updated Ryan that up next on his plate is new CBS game show TKO: Total Knock Out. The funnyman also dished on how he celebrated his 39th birthday over the weekend. 

“I’m getting old man, 39,” Hart mused. “… I did what I always do: I worked. I was performing. I had a show in Vegas. We had an amazing crowd … and then after that I went to San Diego and did another show … so I did what I do best on my birthday — bring joy to others which makes me happy so being able to do what I’m doing at the highest level I’m doing it at the age of 39, that was the best gift I could ask for.”

Hart added he did, of course, find some time to celebrate with family and friends and “that thing that I call alcohol.”


“I’ve yet to beat alcohol,” Hart joked. “This one ended in me falling down a couple steps the wrong way and ripping a silk shirt but it’s fine, I’m OK, Ryan, but the shirt isn’t. Can’t wear that shirt again. That shirt was a waste of money. Stupid Kevin.”

Falling is something that contestants on TKO: Total Knock Out will also likely suffer, sans alcohol though. The show is a new one-hour obstacle course competition series that features people from all walks of life, where, per CBS, "one player races through daunting obstacles while four other contestants are manning battle stations along the course, firing over-the-top projectiles in an attempt to knock them off and slow them down."


“This was a particular project I felt was different that I can amplify and make even more special,” Hart added. “It’s a show that incorporates obstacle courses and dodge ball at the same time. Five competitors. One runs the obstacle course while the other four man what we call battle stations and try to prevent the runner from running their best possible race … and it goes on and on while, as the host, I stand in the middle and I do what I do best I instigate, I make fun, I keep it live. It’s real cool man because you get to see people compete in ways they’ve never competed before and it’s all for a grand prize of $50,000.”

“The competition is driven by will and heart and determination and thats where the most fun is," he concluded. "Where the most heart is, no pun intended." 

Watch a teaser of the show above and catch the premiere of TKO: Total Knock Out on Wednesday, July 11, at 9/8c on CBS. 

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