Tanya Rad Reconnects With the Woman Who Set Her Up With “Dr. W”


Miraculous matchmakers do exist! Ryan Seacrest and Tanya Rad reconnected on-air on Thursday, June 14, with the woman, Julie, who set Tanya up with "Dr. Wussy" aka “Dr. W" aka now "Dr. Wonderful."

As Tanya recalled to Ryan, she was at her doctor’s office when she started talking with Julie in the waiting room. Tanya shared with Julie her love (er, obsession) with Grey’s Anatomy and Julie, being in pharmaceutical sales, started showing Tanya some of the doctors she works with who post their surgeries on Instagram. 

Julie showed her a few and when she came across Dr. W’s page, Tanya went straight to follow after catching a glimpse of him. 


“I was like, 'He’s really hot!' and I said 'Is he single?’ And she said she didn’t know and the rest is history,” Tanya gushed. 

“If I could hug you, I would extend my arms around you and just say thank you because someone above has sent you as a blessing and a matchmaker and an angel for our Tanya,” wingman Ryan added. “She’s a catch.”

Julie added that meeting Tanya was wonderful and that she’s so happy Tanya and "Dr. W" ended up connecting. 

As for Tanya and “Dr. W,” all signs point to yes! Click here to get the latest update and listen back to the full audio above to hear more from Julie. 

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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