Swoon! Sisanie’s Sister Recalls Setting Up Sisanie and Michael


Who knew blind dates could end so well? Sisanie’s sister Janette phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, May 9, to update us on the twins and we had to give her props for being responsible for Sisanie’s marriage to Michael. After all, it was Janette and her own hubby who set them up! 

“My sister and Michael being together makes me really happy that I found such a good person for her, you know? And that’s how I felt when I met him,” Janette recalled to Ryan on-air. “They were in different stages of their lives, but I was like, ‘Dude you’ve got to meet my sister!’ and we somehow hooked it up like eight, nine months later and they’ve been together ever since.”


Janette explained that Sisanie’s husband Michael worked with her husband Adam at the time.

“When I was pregnant I used to go have lunch with Adam and every once in a while Michael would come to lunch with us,” she continued. “I ended up having lunch with him a few times before I was like, ‘You’re really cool. You should meet my sister!’ And that’s kind of how it all happened. He’s just amazing. They’re both just really cool people.” 

Fast-forward to present day and Michael and Sisanie are now happily married and parents to twins Maxon and Aiza, whom they welcomed into the world just last week.

“Maxon I think looks exactly like Michael … he has his nose and then Aiza … looks like Sisanie from the nose down especially when she sleeps,” Janette shared, adding that baby Aiza “has the same grunt face when she sleeps” as mama Sis. 


Listen back to Janette recall their love story and more in the audio above for our latest #StalkingSisanie update!

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