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Pregnant Sisanie Officially Can’t Fit Into Her Favorite Booties

The struggle is R-E-A-L. Ryan’s pregnant cohost Sisanie had to officially give up trying to wear her beloved booties. In this week’s #HumpDayBumpDay, Sisanie shares with Ryan that she couldn’t wear her favorite pair of shoes to a wedding over the weekend because of the swelling. 

While getting ready in a hotel room for the rehearsal dinner, Sis recalled that she struggled for 10 minutes trying to get on a pair of shoes when she finally had to give up. 

“My feet are just so swollen I had to accept they just don’t fit anymore,” she shared on-air, adding that she ended up buying new shoes. 

In this week’s #HumpDayBumpDay, Sis adds that at 26 weeks along, milk is now her jam. 

“[I’m craving] cereal with lots of milk,” Sis said. “I put our glasses in the freezer so they get frosty ... and I pour a glass of milk in it and it stays so cold.” 😋😋😋

Find out more in this week's #HumpDayBumpDay above and stay tuned for next week's update! And mamas, sound off in the comments below if you are or have experienced anything similar.