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Pregnant Sisanie Got a Replica Wedding Ring Because the Swelling is Real

First it was a shoe horn and now it’s a replica wedding ring 😂 Pregnant Sisanie reveals in this week’s #HumpDayBumpDay that the pregnancy swelling is getting real. 

“Now my hands are swollen and my wedding ring no longer fits,” Sis shares in her week 25 update, revealing that her hormones are to blame for slowing down her digestion as well, which causes excess gas and bloating. 

She’s also moved on from her beloved spinach salad and is now craving Taco Bell. Sis recalled to Ryan on-air that she ordered everything from a bean and cheese burrito to a Doritos Locos taco, sending him into diet envy.

Find out more in this week's #HumpDayBumpDay above and stay tuned for next week's update! And mamas, sound off in the comments below if you are or have experienced anything similar.