Pregnant Sisanie Gets Real About the Struggle of Swollen Feet

Happy #HumpDayBumpDay! Ryan’s pregnant cohost Sisanie is 24 weeks along and the struggle is becoming real. 

Sisanie shared this week that she can barely get her shoes on at this point. Her swollen feet are resulting in her having to use a shoehorn (!!) and need the assistance of her husband, Michael. 

“He helped me put on my socks and shoes today because I was seriously struggling,” Sis admitted, adding that the twins now weigh 1.5 pounds each. 

At almost six months along, Sis added that she learned that the twins could technically survive if they were born today, but that “more time is obviously best.”

Find out more in this week's #HumpDayBumpDay above and stay tuned for next week's update! And mamas, sound off in the comments below if you are or have experienced anything similar.

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