‘Bachelor’ Contestant Sienne Calls Ryan Back, Makes His Day

She called! Ryan caught last Monday’s episode of The Bachelor and revealed on-air on Tuesday, January 23, that his top pick for bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. is 27-year-old commercial real estate manager and Yale graduate Sienne -- and she just called us!

Sienne, a local listener since her Long Beach high school days, heard Ryan complimenting her to host Chris Harrison on-air and called on her way to work, surprising Seacrest. 

“When you said my name the other day I couldn’t call that day because I was like ‘Did Ryan Seacrest just say my name?’” Sienne told Ryan, before divulging about her time on the ABC show.

“I can’t say [if I’m with Arie], you’ll have to keep watching,” she teased, adding that she went on The Bachelor because she  was having a hard time finding the perfect man. 

“It’s interesting because some people ask that but dating is hard," Sienne added. "Especially because when you are bringing a lot to the table you want someone [equal].”

Listen to their exchange above to hear more, including what it’s really like to go on those awkward group dates. 

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