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LANY's Paul Klein Reveals He Was Hit By A Car, Shares Pics From Hospital

Photo: Getty Images

Paul Klein, the lead singer of the band LANY, revealed he was recently hit by a car and shared shocking photos from his time in the hospital.

Klein took to social media on Tuesday (June 11) to share news that he is recovering after being hit by a car on his way home from the gym last week. In his Instagram post, he included a photo of himself in a hospital bed with visible injuries to his face, wearing a neck brace and hooked up to medical equipment.

"hey everyone — on thursday night of last week, i got hit by a car while i was on my vespa heading home from the gym," he wrote in the lengthy caption. "i don't really remember anything after the collision... i woke up on a stretcher being put into an ambulance."

A second photo shows Klein with a swollen eye and injuries to his legs wrapped in a blanket and sitting by a window at home while the third photo features him giving a thumbs up to the camera as he ices his shoulder.

"i've cried a lot of thankful and happy tears during the last few days. i know how fortunate i am to still be here," he said. "all of my vitals are good, but walking and moving around is still a challenge. i'm getting progressively better though and will be 100% really soon."

Klein said that because of his accident, LANY is having to reschedule upcoming shows in Australia and New Zealand for the band's A Beautiful Blur: The World Tour on doctor's orders in order to "fast track my recovery," proactively thanking fans for their understanding during this difficult process and announcing that rescheduled dates will be shared shortly.

"thank you for your understanding. this experience has only intensified the feelings of purpose i have, so i can't wait to heal up and get back to it. all other tour dates are staying the same."

He concluded his message with a heartfelt sentiment, stating, "i love you and this life deeply! see you soon."