Tanya Rad Reveals How It Went When Her Boyfriend Met Her Parents ...

Did Tanya Rad’s dad have “the talk” with her boyfriend “Socrates” like Ryan Seacrest wanted? Tanya shared on-air on Tuesday, June 16, how it went when her boyfriend finally met her parents in-person over the weekend.

In case you missed it, Ryan wanted Tanya’s dad to pull Socrates aside to find out his “intentions.”

“The thing is, my dad’s not the like ‘let me pull him aside and ask his intentions’ type of guy,” Tanya shared. “He’s just not that and so all-in-all, it went really, really well, but I definitely don’t think my dad got to [that].”

That said, Tanya shared it “could not have gone better” and that it made her “fall for him even more.”

He scored points by bringing her mom an orchid and her dad some whiskey, his preferred beverage. They also played a round of tennis with the fam.

So what’s next? Potentially Tanya meeting his parents. There’s just one issue …

Watch back the on-air moment above to find out and why Seacrest thinks she shouldn’t panic just yet.

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