Sisanie’s Husband Weighs In on Sis’ ‘DWTS’ Dream

#Sis4DWTS lives on! On Friday, March 15, Ryan Seacrest connected with Sisanie’s husband Michael to see how he feels about Sis’ desire to be on Dancing With the Stars. In case you missed it, Sisanie revealed it’s always been her dream to compete on the hit ABC competition show and we’ve now (naturally) begun a small campaign to make it happen.

“She was born for this show,” Sisanie’s husband Michael gushed, sharing that he 100% supports his wife’s dream.

Previous contestant Jana Kramer shared with Sis earlier this week that the time spent with a pro can cause tensions in relationships though, so Ryan had to ask, would it cause tension in Michael and Sisanie’s marriage?

“Well, I mean, when you ask the question like that … like if I’m ‘fine with the tension’… I mean I guess if there’s that tension it would be tough, right?” Michael admitted. “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d be jealous … but the bigger picture is that’s not why she’s doing it and you know I support her as best I can.”

A.) Adorable and B.) Michael also joked ABC could pair Sis with a female pro.

“It could be the best year to star two female contestants,“ he jokingly added. 

Listen back to the cute on-air moment in the audio above and stay tuned because Ryan requested Michael get film of Sisanie dancing so we can see what we’re working with.

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