Sisanie Reveals She Wants to Be on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Hold the phone! Sisanie revealed on-air on Monday, March 11, that she wants to be on Dancing With the Stars! It all happened while talking about talent, such as on American Idol, and Ryan jokingly confessed that he doesn’t feel he has any real talent. 

“I realize I have no God-given talent,” Seacrest said. “I can’t play an instrument; I can’t sing; I can’t dance; so sometimes I watch my own show in self defeat.”

Sisanie then shared that she actually can dance — and, not only that, but it’s her DREAM! to be on Dancing With the Stars

“My dream — it’s on my vision board — is to be on Dancing With the Stars,” Sis shared, surprising both Ryan and Tanya Rad. “I want to be on Dancing With the Stars so bad … it would be like the greatest dream come true.” 

“I had no idea!” Tanya reacted to Sis' confession. “That would be my biggest nightmare!”

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