There are some memes that everyone understands right away, while other memes are more like inside jokes. The latest one going around is a mix of both of those with lots of people getting it, but just as many having no idea what is going on in it. 

It shows a girl with wavy hair on one side and with curled hair on the other side and includes the caption "you vs. the girl he cheats with." It's trying to show that everyone wants the hair on the left, but most of us have the hair on the right. 

While plenty of people who do their hair get it, the meme is going way over the heads of a lot of people, mostly men:  

The woman behind the meme is a hairstylist who told Buzzfeed that she styles the highly desirable "sexy beach waves" on the left by first making the ringlet curls on the right with a curling iron, then brushing them out. 

The more you know.