The 3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From the Kravis Engagement


Photo: Credit: Getty

It was the news that shook us all to our core: kravis getting engaged! Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got engaged on Sunday and I’d like to point out the life lessons we can take away from this love story:

Lesson 1) never settle:

I’m so connected to Kravis for some reason because I felt like Scott never treated Kourtney right. He never appreciated her for the kween that she is and so seeing Travis Barker go above & beyond for her just blesses my heart in so many ways.

And I’m not talking about all his elaborate gifts for her. You can just tell that man adores her!

Lesson 2) you can’t hurry love:

Kourtney is 42. Travis is 45. They just started dating in 2021 (that we know of) but they were great friends for a very long time and this was just their time – and boy does it seem worth the wait!

Lesson 3) it was in the stars!

Travis is a Scorpio & Kourtney is an Aries which is a really great zodiac match…

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