The "3-4" Dating Rule Explained From an Elite Dating Coach

Photo: Credit: Pexels

I saw an article about a dating coach named Amy Nobile and I found this really interesting. First of all, she charges $10,000 to work with her so that’s fascinating right there.

But maybe it’s worth it because she came up with something called “the 3-4 rule”. It says that by the third date you need to learn four key principles about them:

CHEMISTRY - some sort of connection, physical or intellectual.

CORE VALUES - Different for everyone, but deals with their morals, religion or lack thereof, do they want kids, what are their career goals and so forth.

EMOTIONAL MATURITY - Are they able to express their feelings about themselves and their relationships?

READINESS - Are they ready for commitment right now?

She says you should use the 1st two dates to talk about careers and passions and their relationship history and their long-term goals. Date #3 should be family planning, love languages and dealbreakers.

Or else? She says people end up dating someone for years and suddenly find out they don’t want kids or are a terrible match because most people just focus on chemistry early on...

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