If You Want to go Instagram Official, Copy What #Bennifer Did

Photo: Credit: Pexels

Jennifer Lopez didn’t just celebrate a birthday this weekend, she also made her relationship Instagram official with Ben Affleck and she did it in the most genius way: the carousel debut.

It was her 52 birthday so she posted a carousel of pics with the caption “52 what it do.”

The first three photos were pics of her looking fire and then boom right at the end of the carousel was the smoochy shot we’ve all been waiting for with boyfriend Ben Affleck.

You know why I love this? Because it shows "I am Jennifer Lopez first and I am strong on my own, but here is my boo too."

It’s strong. He’s not her entire life, but he’s part of it. I feel like it says so much without saying anything and I’m majorly here for it!

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