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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad is co-host on Ryan Seacrest's morning show On Air With Ryan on 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles' Hit Music radio Station from 5am-10am.Full Bio


Inside My Justin Bieber, Kid LAROI-Filled Las Vegas Weekend

Photo: Credit: Tanya Rad

I drove out to Vegas for the Delilah opening at the Wynn hotel & let me tell you it's been a MINUTE since I've been out in Vegas 2 nights in a row. 

The first night was a family and friends dinner: more intimate, super fun, and stayed out till 2am.

The second night was more people, more party and Justin Bieber came out to perform and honestly, sang A LOT OF songs.

The Kid LAROI came out to join him for their new song "Stay" **Which is my new favorite song right now BTW**

Was such a fun weekend because when you start a relationship in quarantine - you don't get to go out and meet each other's friends & coworkers so it was such a wonderful time being able to meet some of my boyfriends friends & vice versa!

Photo: Credit: Tanya Rad

So now that I'm back... I realize Vegas just does things to my skin & my face...

What is your best post-Vegas routine?

My skin hurts, face hurts... all the tingz! 

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