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Jennifer Aniston Just Shared Her Self-Care Routine

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Jennifer Aniston shared her self-care routine and it's so on-brand for me I had to share with you guys.

Aniston shared in the interview that self-care is "a daily thing" for her.

"My self-care is my morning routine," she explained. "I don't pick up my phone till I'm finished walking my dogs, feeding the dogs, meditating, journaling, making my coffee. You know, just having a nice clear head, and then I'll go into the world, so to speak."

"It's not just nutritional—it's emotional, spiritual, everything," Aniston added. "What you watch and what you take in, whether it's through the news, what you read or what you do on social media, you have to be really diligent on being good about what you take in because it's really toxic and we're emotional creatures. It's all part of the whole; the sum of the wellness to me is all of it."

So how can you be like our queen Jen?

"Start with 10 minutes—10 minutes walking, 10 minutes meditating. Two pages of journaling—give yourself three minutes to journal, set a timer. Give yourself little goals," Jen suggested. "And then once you start to love it, you'll realize oh, I just went for four minutes. I have a girlfriend who got a Peloton bike and she said okay, I can only get to five minutes. Now she's up to 45 minutes. It's just about giving yourself that allowance to take baby steps."

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