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Is Getting Married on the 4th of July Genius or a Jerk Move?

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Photo: Credit: Getty Images

Is getting married on the 4th of July genius or a jerk move?? This has really been on my mind because I had a debate with my friend about this yesterday following Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani's wedding weekend.

They started dating back in 2015 and this holiday weekend finally tied the knot in what Gwen said was her “dream come true.”

She posted the most stunning pictures on Instagram and we've been obsessing over them but what I really want to debate here is the holiday weekend wedding decision.

It’s kinda nice because everyone has a bonus day off work so if you want people to travel it’s a built-in getaway weekend.

It’s a built in party every year for your anniversary (and hard to forget.)

To me I kept thinking, this is a brilliant / genius move! But if you are a guest – is it a major annoying buzzkill to ask your friends and family to give up a holiday weekend?

This is the big debate – is it a good move? Or a jerk move?

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