Join My #Raditude Challenge Starting With This Self-Benefitting Move Today

Credit: Tanya Rad

Credit: Tanya Rad

At the beginning of every year I make a vision board and this year I also decided to also create a challenge for us all to partake in together I'm calling the #Raditude challenge.

Every day I'll post a new challenge to my Instagram @TanyaRad. These "Raditude rules" are things that have helped me improve and build and just change my headspace to encourage positive vibes this 2021.

Some have included creating your personal mantra -- mine is "Smile always. Believe in yourself. Believe in others." -- and also tasks that help boost confidence and self-love like standing infront of the mirror naked and look at yourself and say out loud what you love about your body.

Today, identify your top three goals (big or small) for this month and write them down. Don't let February 1 hit without accomplishing them.

We've got this!

Check out the highlight on my IG too for more daily #Raditude challenges.

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