Looking Back at My Highs and Low of 2020

Credit: Tanya Rad

Credit: Tanya Rad

Since 2020 is coming to a close and I start to think about my 2021 vision board I’m looking back at my highs and lows of 2020 with the 2 P’s: personal and professional -- minus the other 2 P’s, pandemic and politics!

I’m going to start with the highs:


Before the pandemic hit Becca & I did 2 live Scrubbing In shows in San Francisco and LA and it was THE MOST FUN EVER! It was SO cool to get to do the podcast right in front of our listeners and be able to SEE Their reactions & get to meet them after… it was so much fun… wish we could have done more stops!


I have worked almost all the award show carpets for E! but there was 1 carpet I had never been on that was on my 2020 vision board… THE ACADEMY AWARDS!

I was able to work this carpet alongside 2 of my FAVORITES to work with at E! Justin Sylvester and Wells Adams and I had A BLAST (to say the least.)


If you know me you know I am a HUGE Grey’s Anatomy fan… so meeting McDreamy was BEYOND anything I could actually imagine. We were both playing in a charity baseball game and our mutual friend Chris Harrison introduced me to him… I LITERALLY COULD NOT GET WORDS OUT! I was literally having a convo in my head to play cool but talk Tanya TALK … and all I could get out was – have you played ball before?! LOL… oh well, next time!


I hosted Harry’s iHeartRadio album release party and it was TRULY magical. I’d never met him before so I was painfully nervous… he was warm and SO WONDERFUL! He even called me after the interview to say thank you for the care & great questions and I’ve never had an artist do that to me EVER before… so hats off to you & your parents Harry, a true gentleman!


I bought 25 pounds of scallops at the beginning of quarantine because I didn’t think grocery stores were going to stay open … and I have yet to touch them at all! LOL

Losing the People’s Choice Awards for Pop Podcast 2020 – We had won 2 years in a row and were REALLY going for that 3-peat so losing was truly a humbling experience. Although I will say the podcast got a little sansy in the middle of the year because I feel like I lost myself at the beginning of lockdown due to just feeling super lonely.

I know I was going to take the pandemic out of this because I feel that we all missed birthdays, and weddings, and canceled many plans, so we all endured heartbreak in many different ways this year. But for me the slow down of quarantine really hit me in a way I hadn’t expected. I never realized how much of my energy and zest for life comes from being around people & the people I love. That is where my energy comes from, that is what fills my heart. It was a BIG adjustment in the beginning for me to work through that. I started going to therapy and although what drove me to therapy was a low, doing that for myself has been so beneficial in navigating this weird experience! 

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