How to Recreate My 2020 #PCAs Hair From Expert Jayson Medina

Credit: Tanya Rad Instagram

Hairstylist Jayson Medina crushed my 2020 People's Choice Awards hairstyle and we wanted to share a tutorial with you. Everyone from Katy Perry to Jennifer Lopez have been rocking the style recently and it's actually pretty easy to pull off. Check out the step-by-step breakdown from Jayson himself below and follow him on IG here!

Products Needed:

- Hooked elastic hair tie or bungee

- 22” hair extensions (but not necessary)

- volume spray (I used IGK next level heat activated spray)

- a good brush (I prefer boar bristle)

- rat tail comb for sectioning

- hair spray (I used Oribe super fine strong hold)

-Bobby pin and hair and U-shaped pins for securing

- curling iron or flat iron for texture

- shine spray ( r+co texture shine spray)


-I started by prepping hair with a good blowout. I used IGK heat activated volume spray to give hair some extra body.

-After that I used my rat tail comb to separate the section I was going to put into a pony tail. I typically try to go at an angle from ear to ear and meet at the crown of the head. You want to smooth all the hair into your hand with that boar bristle brush. I like to spray hair spray directly on the brush before taking the hair back in to position to get any loose hairs secure. Once the pony tail is sitting where I want it, I take my hooked elastic or bungee and wrap it around to secure. I take a small piece of the pony tail and wrap it around the base of the pony and secure that with a few bobby pins or a U-shaped hair pin.

- This next part isn’t mandatory, but we did it for the drama and if you like length I say go for it! So that section of hair that is from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck (basically directly underneath pony) we added some 22-inch clip in hair extensions for length. Feel free to use as much as you want. I used quite a bit on Tanya. They are really easy and give that look a little something extra.

Credit: Tanya Rad

After the extensions are in I took a curling iron and a flat iron and gave the hair two different kinds of textures. Every other section I would switch. When I say flat iron I wouldn’t straighten the hair, I would create a beach tousled wave by beveling the iron back and forth. I would then use a large curling iron on another section kind of doing the same thing and leave the ends out a bit.

- Once I did this through the entire head, I just kind of pulled the wave a part with my hands and fluff it up a bit.

When all was done a went over her hair lightly with a nice shine spray texture spray and some! Life size Barbie hair!

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